How Important Is Proper Storage?

More and more we are caught running around and not stopping to take a breath. There is work, meetings, kids, activities, house cleaning, meal prepping and more. The list never really stops, so neither do you. Wouldn’t it be nice if just one day you could come home and all the cleaning would be done? Everything would be in the right place. For most, this is definitely on the wish list. But, we run into walls when it’s time for ideas and everything remains where it is.

To quit running the normal cycle, one has to know what difference it will make to put the pedal to the medal. If you only think about it increasing your daily work, then it is never going to happen.

In the beginning, you are absolutely right. It will be a chore to put everything together and find the right placement for your belongings. What you need to do is think past that.

Because of our scheduling and lift in general, things tend to be chaotic. You lay things down and leave them there, even as you know you should do something about it. One piece of paper doesn’t seem like a problem, but it encourages the behavior further.

Each time you walk by with a few pieces of mail and you see a pile started on the counter, what do you do? Unconsciously, set the new mail there creating a bigger pile. When you think about it, it’s kind of like the more you see, the more you do.

Let’s say you had created an organizational system with the mail. Maybe it’s still in the kitchen, but you have a wall system that will hold mail. There is a spot for bills, personal and even an area for shredding. Each time you get the mail and walk into the kitchen, you will notice the mail on the wall neatly placed. A simple placement like this helps one remember that mail does not go on the counter.

Expert organizers tend to make the job of organization a tough experience. But, not everyone can handle that and then all they do is get discouraged. Are you one that gets discouraged? If so, don’t let the complex systems they have get you in a bad mood. Just think about what you have and how you can use it to help.

In the instance of the mail, you could even staple some folders to the wall and make them hold the mail. No buying there, just using what is already in the home.

Proper storage will help you lessen the chaotic environment that already exists. The reason we use the word proper, is because you can have storage and it not help one bit. Like the above scenario, the countertop would be storing the mail. Not really the countertops job, thus not proper storage.

If you can wrap your mind around the usage of proper storage, the chaos will begin to lessen!

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How About a Garage Closet?

Yes, we’re serious. A garage closet can be the Prince Charming to your garage clutter problem. This is a little different than the normal garage organizational methods. They do require some of the same pre-steps to completion though. Want to learn more about saving your garage with a system you can create?

Before you can begin the fun part of this experiment, you must figure out what you are going to use it for and where it is going to go. For example, you won’t need a closet for items like boxes or totes, those can find another home. Garage closets aren’t necessarily like the normal closet either. More like the ultimate closet with your attitude.

These closets work great with other organizational systems too. Mainly because, one unit usually covers one wall unless you have the other specifications. Which means you can cover the rest of the walls with anything you want.

If you love to hunt, a type of closet would be perfect for you. Hunting usually leaves you dirty. Bringing that dirt in the house, well that could just get you in trouble. So, you could have an area specifically for your boots and a hidden hamper for your dirty clothes.

In general, a garage closet is a mixture of cabinets, drawers and some hanging space or even shelves. The entire setup depends on you. When you figure out a design that works for you, it might not even look like the normal closet. That would probably be a good thing.

The whole point of this organizational system, is to have everything together. If you can fit all of your hunting stuff, there is a lot, within this one system, it means money saved. No buying lots of other equipment for this one hobby.

Gardeners would benefit from this system just as much as hunters. Getting out there and pulling weeds gets you just as dirty as sitting in some of the stands. So you could have your boots, gloves and hat in one area and your special tools in the chest of drawers.

Customize it however you see it. Want more than one closet system? Then get more than one! You don’t have to limit yourself just because you think there’s only one possibility. Where you think of one, your other half might think of another. Combine the ideas and see what you come up with OR get separate systems.

Don’t think you have to buy from a certain company either. The joy of garage organizer systems, you are always going to find another one. There is bound to be another place that will give you a good deal or just has unmatchable service and reputation. Even buy a few pieces at a time and put your own together.

Garage closet systems are just another way of building an organizational system altogether, instead of having mixed pieces. Anything is open to interpretation!

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