Garages Deserve Organization

Cleaning the garage can give you more benefits than just a clean space. If done right, it can increase your home’s value. No one really thinks about that fact. Very few pay attention to that fact until it has gotten out of control. The clutter has gone from just being a few piles to being a huge conjunction of stuff with few pathways.

You must first decide how you want standard you want to bring your garage. Do you want just enough room to walk? How about enough room to park the car? Maybe even squeeze enough empty space that you can have a work area, if you wish. Any number of these things are possible, through the following steps:

1. For the bigger jobs, don’t take on anything without giving yourself something to be proud of. You can separate the portions of the room and choose to take it piece by piece. Either way, when you hit a milestone stop and congratulate yourself for making that far.

2. Try to remove everything from the garage. This may seem more difficult than it really is. No need to try organizing things just yet. The importance of this step is merely to see how much space you want to gain and how much you wish to use.

3. Set up at least 4 different piles. There should be a keep, trash, donate and recycle. The donation could also serve as a sale pile, if you wish to hold a garage sale afterwards. The hardest part of this step, staying true to those piles. You will never get anything done by putting something in the trash, donate or recycle pile and then deciding you want to keep it after all.

4. SLOW! Most people have a cluttered garage because they didn’t take the time to put things away. Once the clutter is to a certain point, it’s just depressing to think about moving and cleaning it all up. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was that messy. Always give yourself extra time to get everything done. Allow yourself to work at a pace comfortable to you.

Imagine, just following these four steps can get you on your way to organizing the garage. The first step in organizing has been always cleaning and weeding through the junk. Giving a system to all that important, not every piece of trash that may have made its way in there.

With this all in mind, you will be able to see a different space. Somewhere you can walk and trust you aren’t going to fall and break an ankle. A secure room to park the car from invaders or weather. Most importantly, with a few additions, you can have more room for stuff than you thought!

Organization is kind of like Tetris. You have to test the space and figure out what will fit to make sure the pile doesn’t get too high!

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